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Flasback of my pregnancy journey so far

I first found out that I was pregnant on Valentine’s Day! I remember taking the test and at first feeling disbelief when it came out positive. Of course I had to take another one just to be sure. When the next one came out positive I was so excited but I didn’t know what to do because my DP was in Korea on a business trip. I would have to wait until he called me for me to tell him. I ended up calling Sarah in New York because I had to tell someone. Of course I wanted to tell the world but I knew it was a bit early so I held back.

DP ended out calling me sometime later that day and we were able to rejoice together. God had answered our prayer and given us a precious gift after 7 months of trying.

The first 5 weeks of my pregnancy felt great. I was eating a LOT and loving it. It wasn’t until I was 6 weeks that the nauseous and fatigue hit me. This I was not loving. It was a very strange experience to feel so extremely tired and put off by food. My poor husband went through a lot caring for me during this time. The hardest part was probably trying to help me figure out what I could eat or wanted to eat. Fruits like watermelon and honeydew tasted the best to me at that time.

During my 18th week, I was able to find out that the baby was 85% a boy. It wasn’t 100% because the baby’s umbilical cord was in the way. Needless to say I was not surprised considering the Pyo boy genes are pretty darn strong. My next ultrasound verified that we would be having a baby boy!

Starting my 19th week my nauseous went away and my energy started coming back. I am now starting my 28th week (third trimester!) and my belly is feeling huge! I feel Caden moving and kicking all day long and it’s the strangest but sweetest feeling ever. I can’t wait to meet this little guy.


Pregnancy Pictures

Silly daddy
Joe and Rosie’s wedding.
My mother in law’s 60th birthday dinner.

My school staff threw my co-worker and I a baby shower right before school got out.

Better Late Than Never

I’m definitely not good at blogging or updating things but I thought it would be nice to remember my first pregnancy somehow. I’m already 28 weeks along so I’m starting a bit late but like the title says, it’s always better late than never. By now DP and I know that we are having a baby boy. You can see that we’ve named him Caden. Tonight we’re going to our 2nd childbirthing class. Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment where I’ll find out whether or not I have gestational diabetes. I’m praying that I don’t but trusting in whatever God has planned for me.

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