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My Baby Shower

Personalized baby scrapbook made by Kellee.

Sophie’s words of wisdom and encouragement.

Rachel’s adorable cookies.
Kellee’s amazing cake.

God has granted me the most precious friends and sisters in Christ. Many of them lavished me with love during my baby shower on Sunday, August 30th. Caden, you are blessed to have so many aunties who love you!


Caden’s Room

Here are a few pictures of the baby nursery. I hope Caden likes blue and green!

Praise God

I found out last week but didn’t get a chance to post. I mentioned that I was waiting for my 3 hour glucose test results. Well, according to my doctor, the results came out perfect and I don’t have gestational diabetes! I am so thankful for God’s provision and even His sovereignty in allowing me to wait through this time. It was sweet to trust in Him.
I was so excited to find out that I celebrated with peanut butter Golden Spoon! Yay!