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False Alarm

Yikes, I had quite a scare yesterday. DP was on a business trip so I decided to use this opportunity to visit my friend Susan. We were having a lovely morning eating brunch and hanging out with her daughter Isabella. Soon after Isabella went down for a nap I started to feel a lot of pain in my stomach. I just figured that I needed to go to the bathroom (hopefully not TMI) but that wasn’t it. The pain would subside but then it would start again in about 5-7 minutes. When it happened a couple times, Susan told me she thought I was having contractions. We started to write down whenever this occurred and then we found out that I was having contractions pretty regularly. Susan called Huey and then called my hospital. The hospital told me to come in since the contractions seemed to be coming pretty consistently (5-10 minutes apart). Huey advised me to drink lots of water and lay down. That must have helped because the contractions seemed to be slowing down.

While Susan drove me to the hospital, I actually fell asleep for awhile and the contractions seemed to die down. Once at the hospital, they hooked me up keep track of the contractions and to monitor the baby’s heartbeat. Luckily, the nurse told me that I was not yet dilated and I was probably having practice contractions. They were able to send me home after monitoring me for a little over an hour.

Wow, I did not expect contractions to be so painful! Susan asked what the pain level was from 1-10 and I told her it was a 9! Maybe I have really low pain tolerance but I was ready for the epidural right then! I know, I’m weaksauce. I’m actually thankful that I got to experience that because I feel just a bit more prepared to know what to expect.

Mostly I’m thankful for God’s grace and sovereignty in allowing me to not be alone during this time. So thankful to the Dangs for serving me so selflessly. Praise God for His perfect provision and care!


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