Our Little Dinosaur

Um,what am I wearing?

Hey, I kind of like it. I’m a dinosaur.

Nevermind, what am I wearing?!!

Hmm, sleeping or praying?

Time sure is flying by! Tomorrow Caden will be 7 weeks old. Around his 5th week he started smiling and cooing. I definitely think he recognizes mommy and daddy now because he smiles when we talk to him. It is so precious. He’s also been “talking” so much. He coos and sometimes I wonder if he’s trying to mimic me.

I keep hearing how babies can begin sleeping through the night around week 7. Of course this sounds very appealing to me so I find myself wondering when it will happen for Caden. Each night I wait to see how long Caden will sleep. So far it hasn’t happened yet. In fact, two nights ago he woke up almost every hour in the middle of the night. I’ve been thinking that this can easily become an area of anxiety and idolatry for me. I know that my desire for Caden to sleep through the night is not a bad desire but I know that I can make it into a sinful one. I don’t want to compare my son to others or feel good about myself as a mom based on how well he sleeps. I need to remember that my confidence is in Christ. I know that I am loved and valued because of Christ and not because of anything I can do. Reminding myself of this truth gives me so much peace. Praise God for the gospel!


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