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Happy Almost 100th Day

The 100th Day is a very important day for babies in the Korean tradition.  That’s because it was difficult for a baby to survive up to the 100th day back in the old days.  Though not as common anymore, Koreans are known for having some sort of a celebration in honor of the baby’s 100th day.  Well, Caden’s 100th day happens to be on January 31st but we decided to celebrate it early because DP’s parents would be back in Alaska by that time.  So we celebrated it on Saturday, January 23rd which happened to be the day he turned 3 months old!

Caden started the morning by hanging out with Grandpa Pyo.  It was so sweet to watch DP’s parents with Caden.   I don’t think I’ve ever seen my father in law so happy or so talkative as he was with Caden. He always wanted to hold him, even though it’s difficult for him to do so.  We’re hoping to get them back to California soon.

Caden’s arrival to Grandpa Kim’s house.

The Kim side of the family was there early to set up so Caden took some pictures with Grandpa Kim, Uncle Jason, and Mommy.

With his Pyo Grandparents

With his Kim Grandparents

With the Uncles and Aunties

Caden spent a lot of time in his bumbo seat, happily sucking on his fingers.

All the men in the family

Caden received so much attention and love this day.  He is truly so blessed to be surrounded by such loving and God-fearing family members.  Our prayer is that he too would love and cherish Christ one day.

This is what Caden looked like at the beginning of the party.

And this is what he looked like at the end.  Haha!  Happy 92nd Day Caden! 🙂


Picture Update

We decided to have lunch at the Yard House one day.  This was when the weather was still nice and sunny.  My son, looking serious as usual.

Here’s Caden sitting in his Bumbo, posing in his big boy outfit from Uncle Sam.

This is what Caden looks like before he goes down for his nap.

With his friend, Sophie the Giraffe

With his real friends Norah, Kai, Evelyn, and Hannah

So thankful for our South Bay friends!

That’s all folks!

Manhattan Village

I decided to take Caden out early last week since the weather was so nice.  We went to the Manhattan Village.

This is how he started the outing but this is what he was doing most of the time.

There are only so many pictures you can take of a sleeping baby so I decided to take some random pictures.

There happened to be a fun little event for kids inside the mall but Caden was too busy sleeping to participate.  Maybe next time kid.

We then went to a really cute cupcake shop that happens to be called SUSIE CAKES!

It it really adorable inside.  Of course I had to get a cupcake since I was there so I got the special of the day, a banana chocolate chip cupcake.

By this time Caden finally woke up.

What are you eating Mommy?

Mmmmm, looks good…

Please??? Can I have some???

Sorry kiddo.  Again, maybe next time…

Just for fun

Hmmm, who does Caden look more like?  Mommy or Daddy?

Gotta have tummy time!

Tummy time is tiring but fun!

Sporting gifts from Cousin Diana and Cousin Jen.

Somebody’s getting to be a big boy!  Tomorrow he’ll be 11 weeks old!

Playing with Mr. Caterpillar

A Busy Week

Our family had a very busy New Year’s week.  On top of many family gatherings, we celebrated our dear friend Julie’s wedding!  It was a tiring but joyous time.  It was especially tiring for Caden but he was a trooper.

It all started with Julie and Mark’s rehearsal on Thursday.

Julie with her bridesmaids.

Unfortunately we couldn’t take any pictures of the actual wedding because I was in the wedding party and DP was busy taking care of Caden.

Caden hanging out in his carseat.

The next day was New Year’s so we went to go visit my grandparents and Caden’s great grandparents.  I feel so blessed to have my grandparents still alive.  They have been MARRIED  for 71 years and practically raised me when I was a child.  They are so godly and have always been my greatest prayer warriors.  It was incredibly special for me to have them see and hold Caden.

We then went to pay respect to my dad and stepmom. Caden got his first New Year’s money from his grandparents.  Crisp, five dollars bills!  What a lucky boy!

Soon after we went to the wedding but like I said, no pictures.  😦  So sad.  Nonetheless, the wedding was beautiful and so God-honoring.  I was so blessed to be a part of it.

The next day we went to our cousin Diana’s baby’s first birthday party.  Caden got to see lots of extended family members and received so much love!

Happy birthday Hali!

Caden with DP’s aunt.

Caden being held by Matthew, one of DP’s cousin’s sons.  Someone doesn’t look too happy, haha!

We ended that night with some fun at Uncle Joe and Auntie Rosie’s place.

Wowee!  It sure was an eventful week!  So thankful for the blessing of family and friends.

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