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I can’t believe it but Caden is already teething!  This past Sunday he had a very difficult time after church.  He was crying more than we’ve ever seen him cry.  We thought it was because he was either overtired or maybe getting sick.  I questioned if he could be teething but I thought it was too early so I thought, probably not.   He continued to cry when we got home and finally crashed so we thought he was just tired.  The next day he had another cry-fest so I decided to check his gums and what do you know, I saw and felt 2 little teeth!   He is only 3 1/2 months old so I thought it was too early but apparently not.  Oh my!  No wonder he had been drooling so much!  Why is my baby growing up so fast??!!  I felt a tinge of sadness because it felt like he didn’t want to be a baby anymore.  I’ve always thought that babies look so much older when they start getting teeth.

Well due to the teething, Caden has been much more sensitive and fussy this week.  I didn’t realize what a toll it would take on my physically but I find myself feeling very tired and just wanting to rest.  It’s been hard because Caden has been wanting to be held more often.  At times I find myself feeling angry and frustrated at him, thinking “Why can’t you just play by yourself?”  or “Please just take a nap.”  These thoughts help me to see how selfish and weak I am.  It’s a very humbling experience taking care of him because all I do is give to him while all he does is receive from me.  It’s humbling because I know that this is the kind of relationship I have with my Father.  He is always giving and I am always receiving.  It’s so encouraging to know that though I burn out and have little to give to my son, that my Father has a endless resource of strength and care to give to me.  I am so thankful that I can find rest in Him.  Without this hope and knowledge of the grace I have received, I think I would be such an angry and impatient mother.  I pray that God will continue to remind me of the gospel and the unconditional love and grace that I have received so that I may impart a flawed yet grace-filled love to my son.

Teeth are so painful!

This cold washcloth helps relieve some of my pain. Can I have some privacy please?

Why is he growing up so fast???!!!


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