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Fourth Month Fun

Caden turned 5 months old yesterday.  Here’s a look back at some events during his 4th month.

Wearing his big boy bathrobe.

He realized that he loves to grab his feet and blow raspberries.

His third tooth came out!

Trying carrots for the first time.

The weather’s getting warmer.  Time to pull out the onesies.

Going for a stroll around the neighborhood with mommy.

What a great month it’s been!  Looking forward to month 5!


Recent Happenings

Here’s a picture summary of some of the things that have happened in Caden’s life recently.

First of all Caden finally discovered his feet and his new favorite thing to do is grab them and play with them!  We were afraid that his legs were too short for him to reach his feet but he did it!

He’s also still LOVES to chew on anything and everything.  Here he is chewing on his toys.

Another huge milestone is that Caden started eating solids!  We’re still taking it slow but I think he’s getting the hang of it.  He’s now tried rice cereal, sweet potatoes, and pear.  Here he is enjoying some rice cereal.

I wonder why I’m sitting in this chair.

Umm, what’s this?

Hey, not bad.

Can I try holding the spoon?

More please.

Okay, I’m tired.  Eating solids is hard work.

Caden also got to meet one of my dearest friends Sarah!  It’s so neat because she had a son almost exactly one month after Caden.  Here’s Caden and his new friend Noah!

Here are Caden and Noah with Lindsey, Sarah’s sister’s daughter.  She was born just a couple months before Caden.

Wow, you and Noah have so much hair.

Everybody grab your feet!

Thank-you for my new toy Auntie Sarah!  I love it and I love you!

I’m so thankful to God for His abundant grace and blessings in our lives.  It is truly by His grace that Caden is growing and doing well.  Every day I see all my weaknesses and insecurities as a mom and I wonder if I’m being a good mom.  It’s always so good to remember that God loves me and that He’s providing the strength I need to care for Caden.  May He receive all the glory.  I’m also so thankful for the amazing friends God has placed in my life.  What an awesome means of grace God has provided through His people.

4 Month Update

So we went in for Caden’s 4 month check-up and here are his stats:

Height: 26 3/4 inches (90th percentie)

Weight: 16 lbs. 7 oz.(75th percentile)

Head circumference:  25-50 percentile

So funny.  He has a small head and a big body.  Haha.  I was actually surprised that he was only in the 75th percentile for weight.  Thought it would be higher!  The doctor told me that I can start him on solids anytime.  I gave it a shot and he wasn’t that enthusiastic about it so I think I’ll wait a little longer.

Caden’s getting to be such a big boy now.  He’s so much stronger and more vocal than before.  He stays up for much longer periods of time too now.  I love when he squeals and laughs out loud.  I can see why people say babies get more and more fun as they get older.  Though it’s exciting to see all the new things he’s doing I’m still trying to enjoy him as he is now.  I know he won’t be letting me smother him with kisses and squeezing him all the time when he gets a little older.  I gotta get it in while I can!  Here are some pics of Caden beginning to sit up by himself.

At first he was still looking kinda awkward, pretty much folding in half. 

A few days later, he looks so much more stable!  What a difference a couple days can make!

Hey look at me!  I can even play with a toy while sitting by myself!

I leave you with my favorite photos of the day.  Look closely for the drool.

Too hard to see?  Well okay then, here’s a close-up.


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