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Rice Puffs

Caden is still not 7 months yet so I didn’t think he was ready for Cheerios or little rice puffs yet but a friend reminded me that he does have 5 teeth already so he probably could eat it.  I decided I’d give it a try and what do you know, he was ready!!  He loved the rice puffs and he even tried feeding himself!

I’ll take one of those.

Let me try this thing.

Yes, I got it in my mouth.

Hmmm, this is a new taste.

It’s pretty good!  I like feeding myself!

I’ll take another one please.

I like these puffy rice things!


Overdue Update

Caden’s 6 month stats:

Height: 27 inches (75% percentile)

Weight: 18.1 pounds (50-75% percentile)- Hey, not as chunky as we thought!

Head circumference: 43.5 cm (50% percentile)

Physical Milestones:

At 6 months, Caden already seems so much bigger and he’s developing in so many new ways.  He already has his 5th tooth.  I didn’t even know that it came in.  I was changing his diaper the other day and he started smiling at me.  I looked and there was another tooth on top!  He’s also now rolling around all over his crib.  We can put him down to sleep on one side of the crib and he will roll around and end up falling asleep at the other end. He can also now sit up by himself for longer periods of time and play with the toys I lay out in front of him.  He’s also totally reaching for things now.  I was reading my Bible out loud to him and he literally grabbed one of the pages and tore it out!  Yikes!

Social Milestones:

Caden loves watching what I’m doing these days.  He’ll be playing in the exersaucer while I’m on the computer and when I look over at him, he’s totally just staring at me.  Haha!  He’ll have a very curious look on his face until he sees my goofy grin and then he flashes me the biggest smile and starts jumping up and down.  He’s so much more engaging and smiley these days.   He’s been laughing a lot more these days too.  DP and I will make funny faces or noises and he’ll randomly think something is hilarious and start cracking up.  I love it!   On the flip side, he will sometimes start crying when I leave the room now.  I think separation anxiety is slowing kicking in.  He also loves to play peekaboo and blow lots of raspberries, especially when eating solids.

Hi everyone!  I’m 6 months old now!

DP and I took Caden to the park recently.  It was pretty windy so here he is all bundled up.

Do daddy and I look alike?

The death grip.

Not loving the swing yet.

Whoa there!

Hey, it’s not that bad.

Being smooched by Mom.

Coming down the slide!  Yay!

There was some other very exciting news for the Pyo family recently.  Uncle Sam and Auntie Connie got engaged!  Whoohooo!!

Sam did a great job with the planning and picking out a gorgeous ring.  Check out the bling!

Sam organized a lunch for some close friends and family afterwards.  It was at a really cool restaurant in L.A. called Pete’s Cafe.

Caden with the happy couple.

What?  Uncle Sam finally popped the question?

Welcome to the family Auntie Connie!

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