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Happy 1st Birthday Caden!

I can’t believe that Caden has already turned 1!  His first year went by so fast.  I still remember holding him for the first time in the hospital.  He was so tiny and precious and now he’s a big boy running and banging into all kinds of things.   He’s pointing to anything and everything, downing his whole milk, and taking big bites out of all of Mommy’s food.  🙂  He is so much fun and I just can’t seem to stop kissing him even though he’s not a little baby anymore.

He is truly an undeserved gift from God and DP and I are so thankful for him.  I know that God’s grace has kept him safe and healthy this year.  I pray that God would continue to show him grace and mercy and that Caden would come to know and treasure Christ one day.  I know that it’s so easy to love and cherish the gift rather than the giver.  I pray that God would help me to love Christ more than Caden.  I need to remember that the greatest way that I can love Caden is by walking humbly and faithfully with the Lord.  My prayer and heart’s desire is that Caden would see me loving Christ more than anything else.  Being the wretched sinner I am, I know that this is so hard to do.  I know I need to depend on Christ, keeping my eyes fixed on the cross, seeing His beauty.  May God grant me grace to be a God-fearing, gospel-centered mommy for Caden.

Caden Daniel Pyo, born on October 23, 2009

We went from looking like this 1 year ago

To this on his first birthday!

The morning of his birthday- somebody’s more excited about the wrapping paper than the gift.

No, he’s excited about the gift too!

Caden’s birthday party-it was truly a labor of love.  Special shout out to Connie and Rosie who helped with all the special details.

Birthday boy with Grandpa Kim.

Family pic, nice smile Caden!  🙂

Pyo family-funny how both Daddy and son have their eyes closed.

Caden in his traditional Korean outfit, borrowed from his buddy Caleb.

Waiting to see what Caden picks for the Korean dolgabi event.

Out of everything he choose the money.  Funny kid.

Singing happy birthday.  We loved how Caden started clapping for himself.

Happy birthday kiddo!  We love you!


Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch

We were so excited to take Caden to his very first pumpkin patch.  I think I was the most excited because it’s actually the first time I’ve ever been to one in all my 33 years.   Crazy, huh?  I had no idea that the Tanaka Farm was so huge!  We barely got to explore just one side of the farm.  We’ll definitely have to visit again someday.  I loved that the weather was actually kind of chilly today.  It finally felt like fall.  It was the perfect day to be at the pumpkin patch with my two favorite guys.

Time for a whole lotta pictures.  🙂

So many pumpkins!

Silly pics with Daddy.

Introducing Tanaka’s pile of pumpkins…

Who does Caden look more like?  Mommy?

Or Daddy?  I know, I know, Daddy of course, especially in this picture.

Whoa, so many pumpkins!

I love them!

Just chillin’ on the pumpkins.

Hey, didn’t we come here to pick a pumpkin?  Why are we just taking a million pictures?

Yay, I finally got my pumpkin!

Bye bye Tananka Farm!

Quick Update and Park Pics

I can’t believe Caden is almost a year old now.  He’s such a big boy now.  He started walking on his own at the end of his 10th month.  Everyday I can see that he’s getting stronger and understanding much more.  Just yesterday he was watching a cartoon on T.V. with Daddy and he started cracking up.   It’s so fun to see him responding to and enjoying new things.  On the flip side, because his understanding has grown, we’ve had to discipline more as well.  I knew it was going to be hard for me to discipline him but I didn’t know how hard it was going to be to watch him being disciplined by DP.  My protective instinct kicks in and I just want to rescue him.  But I know that this is showing my lack of faith in my husband and ultimately a failure to trust in the Lord.  I pray that the Lord will grant me grace to remember that “Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.”  (Proverbs 13:24)  I pray that I will remember that biblical discipline is an expression of love and that God will help DP and I to have much wisdom in it.

Here are some pictures from Citrus Ranch Park, one of my favorite parks!

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