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20 Months!

My plan was to update this blog when Caden turned 18 months but he’s now already 20 months old.  I usually blog at night after Caden goes down but since getting pregnant, evenings have been spent lying on the couch watching the Disney channel.

I’m just entering my third trimester and I’m torn between wanting it to go faster and wanting to savor these final months as a family of three.  I definitely don’t enjoy the aching back, ballooning weight, heat flashes, and other crazy pregnancy symptoms but it’s so exciting to know that we’re going to have another little boy to love soon.  He’s definitely just as active as his big brother was and his little kicks remind me every day that he’s growing bigger and stronger.

I’m also trying to enjoy Caden as much as I can while I have him all to myself.  He’s growing up so quickly and I can see his little mind working and learning new things everyday.  He learned all of his letters and numbers (1-10) when he was 18 months old and now he’s been into singing his abc’s.  His favorite show is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and it’s so fun to watch him naming all the characters.   Whenever we’re in the car, he calls “Mommy” every few seconds to tell me something or show me something.  He’s also been really sick with both croup and roseola in the past 2 months.  It was pretty rough during those times but he was such a trooper and hopefully his immune system is much stronger for it.

I’ve been so bad about taking pictures lately but here are a few (some from Daddy’s iphone).

Caden squeezing himself behind Daddy.

Here’s Caden telling me he’s “all done” on the swings.  He can’t last for more than a couple minutes.

At Barnes and Nobles

After Caden’s first hair-cut, done by Daddy!

Caden’s first ice cream cone.

Hey, this thing’s pretty good!


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