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Caden and Colin Updates

Caden recently turned 2 and he went in for his 2 year check- up.  He was 28 lbs (50%) and 33 inches tall (30%).  It’s amazing how much our little guy is able to do and say now.   He’s really starting to put words together and form coherent phrases and sentences.  Some of his favorite/most frequently used phrases are “Sit down there,” “Where is it?,”  and “I see Mommy/Daddy/baby Colin.”  I’ve also been trying to speak to him in Korean so it’s fun to hear him say a few things in Korean too like “ee guh mo ya?” which means “What is this?”  He’s also started singing a lot more these days.  He’ll sing randomly in his crib, in the car, anywhere really, and I’m always surprised that he’s picked up a new song.  He still loves his ABCs and he’s always watching ABC song clips on YouTube.  He definitely has his tantrum moments but he’s at a super fun age right now.

Caden during CBC’s Fall Festival

A couple pictures during our family photo session. 

Colin had his 6 week appointment a couple weeks ago (he’s almost 8 weeks now) and his stats were 11.5 lbs (60%) and 22 inches (50%).  Boy was I shocked by his stats.  He seemed like such a big baby and I was expecting him to be more in the 90th percentile for weight but he’s actually very average.  It’s all good.  We love average!  🙂  So far Colin’s been a very good baby.  I mean he definitely cries a lot but he’s generally a good eater and sleeper.  We let him cry it out to sleep through the night a few days ago.  The first night he cried for 15 minutes, the next night 5 minutes, and last night he sleep 11 hours straight.  Woohoo!  Hopefully he keeps it up.

Colin at 4 weeks old.

Here’s a couple of Caden at 7 weeks doing tummy time and posing after his bath.  


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