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Christmas 2011 and other updates :)

Wow time is just flying by!  Since my last post, Colin has turned 3 months and Christmas has now come and gone!  The Pyo family has been doing well.  We’re all recovering from some type of flu but we’re thankful that the holiday season is providing lots of vacation and family time.  We’re waiting for the Pyo parents to arrive late tonight and eager to see their joy at meeting all their new grandchildren. 

Colin has been doing well for the most part.  He was on a great schedule for a long time, sleeping through the night by 7 weeks but just recently he’s been throwing me off by waking up early, taking shorter naps, wanting to eat more often.  I don’t know if he’s sick or teething or going through a growth spurt.  Sometimes I find myself getting really angry and it’s a good reminder that I need to be trusting Christ daily for strength and patience.  It’s humbling to remember that I can not control everything and that God will supply daily grace for my needs.   Despite the fact that he’s driving Mommy driving with his crazy schedule, I adore Colin and can’t stop smothering him with hugs and kisses.  Everytime he sees my face he gives me the craziest smile and my heart just melts like butter.  He’s also been cracking up like crazy when we tickle his neck and it’s just the cutest thing ever. 

Caden’s 26 months now and growing up so fast.  Everyday he’s learning new words and he’s really beginning to speak in sentences now.  He seriously has an amazing memory and remembers things I’ve only told him once.  He’s still in love with his abc’s and now he’s starting to memorize them in spanish.  Haha!  We’ve slowly started the potty training process and he’s been going poo poo in the toilet.  Not every time, but he’s done it many many times now.  Still not looking forward to full-on potty training.  I think I’m going to wait a little longer to take that on…

This year we decided to do the advent calendar with Caden.  It was really neat to see him get excited and remember exactly which number door we were going to open each day.  It was also fun to do different holiday activities and read the account of Jesus’ birth to Caden each day.  I’m pretty sure Caden’s favorite part was eating his little piece of chocolate each day.  🙂

So thankful for this past year and all the wonderful gifts the Lord has granted us.  We’re thankful most of all for the greatest gift of our Lord and Savior.  Merry CHRISTmas from the Pyos!


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