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Colin’s 9 month update

So Colin is almost 10 months and here I am posting his 9 month stats. Oh well, better late than never right? 🙂

Weight: 19.1 lbs (46%)
Height: 28 in (27%)
Head circum: 17.5 cm (29%)

These days Colin is getting even better at crawling and cruising. He still loves to clap and squeal. I was a little concerned that he wasn’t really “talking” much but right after his 9 mo appt he started babbling away.

He got pretty sick with roseola last week which was really sad to see. He was super irritable and didn’t want to eat anything. I’m so thankful that he’s back to his happy self again. He’s eating well again and loves to feed himself finger foods.

Colin is a total thumb sucker and his thumb is his constant companion and comfort. He sucks it so much that his thumb has a developed an intense looking callous. He loves it so much that he even sucks it during mealtimes, in between bites. Aiyaya.

Overall, he’s just a little love bug and I love him to pieces. He’s such a precious gift to us and we are so thankful for him. Praying that the Lord would show him mercy and that he would have a tender, teachable heart that loves the Lord and others.